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What Is A CMP (Community Membership Program)?
Every resident in the community financially supports the country club amenities at some level in a manner similar to the way a homeowners association maintains all of its common areas and common elements in a community.

How Does a CMP Help The Club?
A steady and predictable stream of dues stabilizes club revenues so operating costs can be met and the club can make necessary capital improvements, whether through secured debt or capital improvement funds.  This sustains the economic viability of the club and, therefore, the community in a fair and equitable manner among all who benefit from the existence of the country club amenities.

How Does A CMP Help Property Owners?
A community with a financially stable club tends to attract home buyers who want a high quality social and recreational country club lifestyle.  These new buyers are genuinely concerned with the lifestyle of the community and are more comfortable if the country club is supported by all the residents in the community, not just a few.

How Much Will CMP Cost Property Owners?
Each property owner will pay dues, but the club can create different categories of membership, each having different dues levels, amenity access levels, and approval rights.

Are Non-Members Forced To Join The Club?
There are many different approaches that can be taken based on the dynamics of the community, but every program has some form of a grandfathering or incentive element to accommodate the needs of existing members and non-members.

How Does Our Community Convert To A CMP?
We will guide the community through the process, working closely with every constituency group of a community, including both resident and non-resident members (golf and non-golf) and resident members, to create a CMP that will be received by all as fair and reasonable and that will appeal to the vested interests of all concerned parties.  As part of the process we engage and work with legal counsel to perform due diligence and feasibility studies, and potentially review and modify the governing documents of the community.  In addition, we encourage two-way communication, holding town hall meetings, focus groups and ultimately votes of the community residents and club members.

How Long Does It Take?
The length of time to convert to a CMP will vary, but you should start as soon as possible.  The quicker the club can improve its financial health, the sooner it will be able to improve the amenities and service levels.

Is This A Difficult Process?
The conversion process to a CMP can be an emotional, highly sensitive and inherently controversial process.  But the focus must remain on the future and which path makes the most sense to recapture financial stability and affordability for the community and the club as a whole.

When Will We See Results?
Conversion to a CMP is not a quick fix and does not happen overnight.  It will depend on how quickly resident non-members convert to a membership status in the club, which could be on a specified date or upon the resale of their property.  Once conversion starts though, the club will start to see higher participation in dues which means improved and stabilized revenues streams.



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